Roy and Polly Stevenson

About Us

Stevenson's Toys & Games was founded in 2001, but its roots go back more than 100 years. Before there was a Stevenson's, there was Lillywhite's, a sporting goods/toy/bicycle store that was started in 1895.

When Roy and Polly Stevenson moved to Southampton, they fell in love with Lillywhite's. The great selection of unusual toys, the ambience of the historic building, and the personal touch provided by Susan Lillywhite, the third generation owner, made Lillywhite's their favorite toy store.

When they heard Susan was thinking of selling the store, Roy and Polly decided it would be fun to buy it and see if they could combine Lillywhite's classic tradition with a fresh, new feel.

Today, Stevenson's Toys & Games is going strong, having been listed for eleven years running by the Hampton's Dan's Papers as 'The Best of Best Toy Store.' For Roy and Polly, the greatest compliment is hearing the shouts of “Awesome!” as the kids explore the aisles. They hope they have succeeded in creating in Stevenson's, 'Today's classic toy store!'